How to Begin Blogging – 7 Tips to Get Your Blog Off to a Great Start

Blogging is a great way to express your point of view on the internet. Here are some fundamental tips for the beginner blogger.

1. Use the right platform – WordPress

WordPress is easy to customize and it offers different functionality. It is rapidly becoming the industry standard. There is a small learning curve but it is easy to get to the point of posting your material. With some training, it can be a very sophisticated vehicle for getting your message out.

2. Write for your visitors.

Some people get so involved sales or search engine rankings considerations, they lose sight of their audience .. The only way they will stay and return is if you keep them happy and give them what they are searching for. What are they searching for? They have searched for through a keyword, or keyword phrase, and arrived at your blog. So, make sure they are happy with what they find and even interested enough to look a little further into your blog, and maybe visit your website.

3. Relevant information.

If the theme of your blog is dogs, then write about dogs. Search engines and visitors insist on relevant content. To be a really good blogger, provide timely and unique content. No one likes to hunt through irrelevant information to find what they need. Visitors will simply click away and never return.

4. Simplicity is a good thing.

The culture of most blogs is to provide relevant concise information, not long discourses. Watch your formatting, add a relevant picture to make the post easy on the eyes. Bullet points and numbered list help the reader stay focused and move along.

5. Audience participation.

One of the unique features of a blog versus a static website is the capability for interaction with your visitors. Encourage it, ask for comments or opposing points of view. It's all good. Really successful blogs enhance a spirit of community.

6. Be consistent.

To have a successful blog, it is critical to keep it updated, This means regular and consistent posting. When I was establishing my blog I posted on a daily basis. Your visitors will reward consistently updated, cutting edge information with return visits.

7. Get Some Training.

The internet and especially blogging is an ever changing environment. It really pays to stay current. I'm not sure about you, but I hate being a beginner at anything. My enjoyment of blogging escalated as my knowledge increased.

Source by Bill Underwood

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